City of Ryde puts residents at the center of the digital experience

The City of Ryde Council in metro Sydney wanted a user-friendly website with a clean design that made information easy to find.


A focus on residents top tasks

The new City of Ryde website puts residents needs front and centre. A simple ‘what would you like to do’ container provides residents with one click access to the most popular online tasks and information.

Simply by hovering their mouse or touching these tasks on tablet devices, residents get a glimpse of the specific information and transactional services available in each bubble, and can then click through to access the services.

Ryde can easily change the top tasks to reflect seasonal popularity, as well as dynamically displaying more relevant tasks for customers accessing the site from their mobile phones, whilst on the go.


A smarter way for residents to find information

Long gone are the days of navigating complex council menu systems. A large, friendly search box invites visitors to simply type in their query, and then suggests information, documents or online services that best matches the customer’s enquiry as they are typing.

The search also leverages a council thesaurus that connects the non-technical words used by customers (i.e. rubbish), with the technical names given to pages and documents by council (i.e. waste) which vastly improves the search experience for customers.

Visitors can now find the information they are seeking without ever needing to leave the homepage. For those who do want to use a traditional menu, it’s still only one click away and positioned in the top left of the screen.


What’s happening in my area

City of Ryde needed to find a better way to help its community understand the broad range of community services provided by council. 

By simply entering their address, the In My Area function provides customers with a personalised view of events, parks, facilities, works, major projects and consultations happening nearby. Not only does this help residents discover council information and services in a way that’s far more relevant to them, but it also helped increase awareness and engagement in community consultations, and educate residents about what their rates dollars contributed towards.

In My Area allows customers to filter the view of information based on their interests as well as calculating the distance and travel time to points of interest. Aside from place-based information, this section also reminds customers about their bin dates, and introduces them to their local elected member.

Read the full case study

See how the City of Ryde Council orient new website visitors with a Quick Tour feature, dynamically organise related information into single pages, arrange Minutes & Agendas and council events into simple directories and much more.

Download the City of Ryde case study