Wesley Mission build a unified, collaborative working space

Seamless helped Wesley Mission Brisbane deliver a beautiful and engaging intranet that works on any device, allowing staff to collaborate regardless of their location.


Mobile first philosophy

Wesley Mission Brisbane's previous intranet lacked any search functionality, catered exclusively to desktop users and was heavily reliant on connections to their internal network. Their front line workforce felt disconnected from the service and, as a result, the organisation.

Wesley Life Online offers a fully responsive design that looks beautiful and presents a usable interface on all devices, while also providing a secure online portal that is truly accessible anywhere, anytime.

Beyond simply accessing the site on their mobiles, staff can log in using their personal email address or phone number and even change their password via SMS verification. Critical communications can now reach all WMB staff members, especially the vast majority without a dedicated WMB email address.

Within the first month of the intranet launch, 50% of WMB staff had interacted and contributed to their new community which enjoyed continued growth as awareness and acceptance amongst the staff improved.


Connected content

Wesley Life Online was built with interconnectivity at its core, providing a central access point for WMB’s entire services, locations and contact directories. Replacing their old PDF-based telephone list, each staff member can manage their own staff profile and personalise it by including a photo, job title, team, department, location, sector, phone number, email as well as their skills and interests.

Empowering staff to maintain their profiles creates a sense of ownership and can help new staff members learn the names and faces of their peers.

Campuses and other locations of interest are plotted using Google Maps which allows staff to quickly access detailed information about their destination when moving between locations, while “click to call” functionality ensures that campus staff are just one click away if the mobile staff member needs further information or assistance. 


A collaborative working space

With a large number of offices across QLD, WMB staff collaborating was a daunting prospect. Group emails and increasingly busy shared network drives were making it difficult for staff to capture, manage and share their knowledge.

To help WMB’s teams work better together, Seamless created a specialised WIKI Work Spaces section within the intranet. Work Spaces provides individuals and teams the ability to create secure spaces within the intranet for their specific projects, upload any number of pages and files into each space, and invite members to contribute to the space. 

Now WMB teams have a central place they can collaborate on information in small or large groups of people across the organisation.

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See how Wesley Life Online unites WMB's 2,400 staff members spread across more than 50 locations by providing targeted and tailored content, powerful search functionality that enhances communication, streamlined processes and bookings, e-learning functionality, support staff log-in and much more.

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