City of West Torrens presents Compass, a people powered intranet

West Torrens engaged Seamless to build a new intranet that would allow staff to easily self-publish and manage content while removing organisational bottlenecks.


A modern, fresh and touch friendly new intranet

Drawing inspiration from contemporary UX practices, Seamless developed a live-tiles style aesthetic for the WTCC intranet, so staff could enjoy a clean, modern and touch friendly interface.

Integrations with key internal systems simplified the management of the intranet whilst delivering more functionality and making it much more useful for staff.

A range of personalisation options allow staff to tailor parts of the intranet to their requirements, and create shortcuts to the pages, documents and corporate applications they use most often.

A strong social flavour has been added to the intranet, with the ability for anyone to easily make updates to content, thereby decentralising the maintenance of the intranet to the entire organisation, and in turn ensuring its kept accurate and up to date.


Staff driven message boards & event calendar

One of the most common intranet functionalities to encourage staff engagement are message boards. Seamless designed a minimalistic layout for WTCC’s message boards that show short Twitter-like messages that users can click on to get the full story.

The message boards also include comments functionality that allow users to participate in the discussion; and comment controls that site managers can enable and disable for certain sections or people. Examples of the latter are the ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ buttons, which enables Council to use the comments controls for voting and gathering opinions on a topic.

To prevent content from becoming out of date, WTCC has defined content owners responsible for the currency and accuracy of information. These content owners are visible on every area of the intranet and display more prominently on the ‘Forms and Policies’ section that shows who is responsible for each form, policy or procedure. 


Integrating with internal systems

To build confidence in the intranet – CWT needed to ensure the forms, policies and documents staff were relying on were always accurate and up to date. 

Using the SeamlessCMS integration with with TechnologyOne ECM (Council’s document and records management system), ECM users could now easily share documents with the intranet, and based on the document metadata and index, have those documents are syndicated into the most appropriate sections of the intranet, such as the policies & procedure library, and made discoverable via the intranet search.

When documents are updated or removed in ECM, they are automatically updated or removed from the intranet as well, which ensures staff are acting on up to date information whilst greatly reducing the intranet maintanence effort.

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See how the West Torrens Intranet succeeds by placing the user front and centre, moving traditional paper workflows online, offers a LinkedIn inspired contact directory, desktop message integration and much more.

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