Delivering a customer centric website

To better understand what users are seeking from council websites, we've analysed the usage patterns of 47 Australian local government websites, and summarised our findings in our Top Tasks 2014 report.


Recently we released the first Australian local government report focused on understanding the most common tasks users come to do on Australian council websites. The report has been used by many councils across the country to rethink and reshape their website experience based on users' top tasks.

We decided to follow up on the success of last year’s report not only with an updated version of the Top Tasks, but with a more in depth analysis of Australian council websites.

Compared to 2013, we doubled the number of participating councils and dug deeper into their data via direct access to their Google Analytics.

The results are condensed in this new report: Delivering a Customer Centric Website: What Every Council Needs to Know. 

Our main objective with this report is to provide you with new data driven insights and see how much can change in just one year in the landscape of online government. 

We hope this report will provide you with the insights and understanding you need to make your site more user-centric, because in the end it’s all about your community, and using their needs as the organising principle for your online strategy.

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